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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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pennsylvania, when a rock rush to the windchill crushing her >> she is on total disability and needs 24 hour care. he teamed up with ohio senator scott oelslager to lobby ohio department of transportation for protective fencing on most bridges under which freeway traffic passes. >> strongly believe from the get-go that if there is protective fencing, highly i probably would not be here talking to you today. >> he said odot was resistant to the initiative at first but he says that the center care the state agency in ultimatum to change the policy or he would introduce legislation to make it
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rules. >> to protect others is more than a passion it is an obligation. >> with the kindness, it is like pinafore, people were so kind they did fundraising and helped us and stayed in contact and it helps to build your heart you try to help others. >> he says that nearly all ohio overpasses will have fencing within the next 15 -- 20 years, he says that she's doing well, she does require round-the-clock care but he says that she is a
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>> farmer police chief there's lethal contest input on probation and pay fines, peggy gallek has reaction to. >> victim says that she has emotional and physical issues from working under former chief david oliver about the former brimfield chief says that he only plans so he could move forward in this with his life using developer has agreed to no longer work in law enforcement ohio as part of a plea agreement . >> a plan to misdemeanor charges of assault, unlawful restraint, attempted theft in office and
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in his face but postings and a book, he referred referred to suspect says molds, for they >> the judge sentenced him to probation and fines. >> who work for the brimfield police department, 20 years and, during 11 he was the chief he retired last january. >> during the hearing on monday, and officers that worked under him, crystal casterline said that he harassed her and do not did not agree with the plea agreement. >> , i was a marathon runner, i never understood how domestic violence gets that far.
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and some of the former officer's testimony. he said he disagreed with many other of the allegations but that he plans so he could move forward this live. >> just the the embellishments and the untruths being spoken, really tested my faith and mankind. >> he must make restitution of $1,300 to the department for money accused of taking, the prosecutor said someone including funds to go to a charity were unaccounted for after he left office. >> she has filed a civil suit that is pending.
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has agreed to no longer work and law enforcement in ohio that was part of the plea deal. >> the i-team uncovered the police supervisor accused of looking at cheerleaders on the computer instead of petroleum. >> for officers in trouble as ed gallek reports. >> some officers were goofing off online on duty. >> the olmsted falls police chief had no answer, cannot explain what has been found in a review the review of city computers, he says lieutenant spent time on duty on the website for cheerleader wardrobe malfunctions, and watching clips on youtube and shopping for a
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a quiet place but they say. >> should be held to a higher standard not allowed to do that. >> blair says that the lieutenant went to the cheerleader site and surfing the internet, duty reports showed him on patrol or doing other police work. >> why were you on the computer when you were supposed to be on the streets. >> on the phone he said, i am retired, then i get away with anything and been told not to say anything. >> found that there were a couple of other olmsted falls cops go through the internal pleasure process can't doing personal stuff on the computer when they should have been on the streets. >> one if won a fight on their own stead of which we didn't tell you.
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their says that he has known, the mayor says she has had all city computers audited said that it is nothing to do with a domestic violence case that her officers filed against her last year that was thrown out of court. >> you work on behalf of citizens, and they work hard and we need to work harder. >> the mayor says some records show personal computer used by police four -- 30 -- nine events , the lieutenant suspended without pay when they come that he retired, an attorney says the lieutenant talked about retiring months ago. krill charges are a possibility, that one case they will do that because he resigned but it is still possible for others.
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expected this week for officers who fired shots kill two suspects, after a long chase in 2012, ali officer michael brelo face charges and last year he was cleared, the i-team learned that city leaders are ready to hand out internal punishment for police department rules violations, the police union says it will appeal any discipline. >> a former . it's facing a felony charge after police say he raped a woman, said he knew the alleged victim but will not say that the woman worked for him, the judge continued his 50,000-dollar bond. >> public defender represent a parma woman accused of playing a role in the shooting of the gas station owner, police say that
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supplies to help little nero's logan sinclair remove bullets from his body, atlantic coast conference grand jury indicted simpler for aggravated murder and robbery in the death of robert sposit, she pled not guilty. >> that rice spoke to the victims today and says that this was a close call. >> victim says for young children had been in the room, the pizza delivery arrive so they left the room to eat and then there was a surprise delivery. >> the driver of a pickup truck the pickup truck that crashed into a brimfield township home on saturday, and was coming to rest in the bedroom. >> the impact startled the homeowner who says the driver and passenger got out hvac they jumped over the head and start to come into my house and we
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not know if they were going to harm us. >> he says that four kids between ages 49 had been in the room moments earlier and escaping injury. >> they were down there and and we call them for supper so justey just came out before he went through the house . >> says that it came crashing through the fence before smashing into her home. >> the truck knocking down walls . >> all three bedrooms are damaged, have the hallway is damaged. >> ravenna township police arrested 45-year-old robert anderson of tribe falls on charges of owi and failures but took control. >> be we said that we were thankful for my husband because he is an angel, so he is watching over us.
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the hotel and plans to move. >> i think that it is a sign that it's time to leave. >> anderson is scheduled to be in court on friday. said that they were frightened by the sudden impact both the driver and passenger got out of the truck, so there were some scary moments as they were protecting the kids in. >> surprising surge in the polls for john kasich, donald trump is still leading, john kasich has a strong showing in new hampshire. >> establishment lane, antiestablishment wing and john kasich lane and that's what we have a and don't think about anybody else. >> he held 70 townhalls in new
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in the gop, presenting himself as a problem solver who wants to talk about hope and the future . the second-place spot will likely change over the next few weeks, most voters don't make up their mind until after the iowa caucus. >> cameras rolling as a suspected drunk driver slabs and
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bestows a still big enough. >> was 27 deaths near city had around this weekend but they are in the clear, in dc they're
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expected to continue all week just in we have made some progress there is a lot more to do. >> dc schools are closed and federal buildings are shut down the house of representatives council votes for the week, travelers will feel the pain as 12,000 flights canceled including the thousand today and . >> is nothing compared to the blizzard of 1978, 38 years ago today, a series of three winter storms during most of the midwest and and northeast dumping up jumping up to 3 feet of snow as dick goddard will tell us, the windchill reached minus 61 with the wind between 50 to and 60 mph, will have a look back on the blizzard you
6:15 pm we are looking at snowfall this season that has been below normal at hopkins, only about 8 inches of snowfall, that is more than 24 below normal . that's how it goes, then we say, low pressure at wisconsin . and illinois that will move here, if we do see anything, it will be raindrops overnight and tomorrow , the cloud cover,
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area, the advisories are to the north west and iowa, and minnesota . since sunset will be at 5:34 p.m. . to the south, miami, new orleans upper '60s and denver 31 degrees, '60s in la and phoenix . currently, a front that will be coming here
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raindrops . there likely would be few, and then by four nights just cloud cover . tonight 36 . the wind of the south, 10 -- 20, the higher temperatures would be mostly cloudy and a passing rain shower, and then, like snowfall possible wednesday with temperatures down a few degrees than on thursday and friday with mid to upper 30s and on the weekend, slight chance of precipitation, more likely rainfall than early next week, nothing to indicate any kind of
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cavaliers are star on the court at the q., with their new
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the second game of the tyronn lue here and hopefully will be better than the first. >> when he took over, he said that the players were not in top shape to do what he wanted and that was to have a up-tempo pace , cannot not the mass confusion, involving moving into the offense a few seconds quicker, and as everybody knows, that can mean a lot, is these rankings on number of possession for 40 minutes the cavaliers are currently near the bottom, that
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can handle it. >> not in bad shape that we need to get in better shape, i'm not that far off. >> he does things his way and we're going going to be pushed the ball a lot harder, and it's going to be his philosophy. >> this is what the coach wants to do and what we're going to do . the cavaliers, against western conference teams, . andrew wiggins, will be there tonight and it is australia day at the q. daughter of matthew dellavedova, kyrie irving was erving was born in australia,
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amount of fans in australia, is home to the largest number of nba league pass subscribers, today matthew dellavedova announcing partnership with a good coffee company. >> talk about super bowl 50 people have a buckeye flavored. >> a former glenville tarblooder ted ginn junior, he took the pitch from cam newton and ran 75 yards for a play that was listed as 22, he found his way into the endzone, he started offensively and on special teams , kerr, had two interceptions as the panthers made carson palmer into a turnover machine, and corey
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was a good day for the buckeye panthers. a big assist in florida from shaquille o'neal . gainesville police officer bobby might respond to call of kids playing in the street, said that he would return with backup, shaquille o'neal, announced in december as a future inductee of the naismith hall of fame, he played with the kids and made an
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he is accused of drunk driving, now a local man is accused of assaulting an officer should
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suspected drunk driver has explained after attacking an officer during a traffic stop. >> jack shea is here to tell us. >> at issue is how he refused to comply and then became violent pitch back 55-year-old ed cody is having a bad night, an employee called the police reporting suspected drunk driver , but he refused to comply
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. during the ensuing struggle, he punches the officer who would attempt to defend himself in such an ed cody, during the time he tries to drive out the patrolman gets the keys out of the ignition. >> the officer hits him with pepper spray, and it's under control but he still tried to reach for something under his seat. >> even after he was handcuffed to continue to find inside the car they found a possible clue to explain his behavior, a bottle of liquor. >> find that the officer used lots of restraint he was
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himself quite well. >> police say that he compounded the problem when he was taken to the hospital to be decontaminated from the pepper spray that's when he threatened to kill officers and er personnel. >> he was so combative that they put a bag over his head before he was taken to jail. >> id law is not life changing event for most, it could have been handled a lot different and it's unfortunate that, but that was not a service injury to the officer or the individual and nobody else got entered. >> officer who lost his k-9 partner, now we'll have have a
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developments. couple weeks for an officer ryan davis, and generate night is k-9 partner was shot during a shootout with a suspect now texas to meet his new k-9 partner, he and dave blosser with christ tri-state canine service spent the day at k-9s4cops in houston, a nonprofit which is donating the canine for training worth about $15,000, this month is canine partner dave jethro was killed investigating a burglary at a grocery store, he was shot and died the next day the man arrested remains on a 5 million-dollar bond charged with assault and shooting a police dog dog, stay davis told
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jethro will have a special place in his heart. >> about another kind to take out the emotion, emotion, i'm just following his lead, there is so many factors in looking for the right canine . mine is probably emotional, based right now, that's why i have dave here and jazz and jason they've done a phenomenal job to narrow down the field. >> he says the dog while served the dual purpose of street dog and narcotics k-9 and will be on the plane with them not into the cargo bay, so the bonding beginning immediately, expected to be be back in canton tomorrow , as for the name, that
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>> it will cost less to do with recasting them a couple months ago, the price of a barrel of oil has plummeted, some say that lower prices at the gas pump means more problems for financial markets has roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> gas and areas averaging about $1.60 but there is a price war here in korea, is a good thing for consumers but this image may want to think twice before celebrating. >> last year,, they say the extra cash can go a long way, 10-dollar fell up is his $5 less
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be used for something else. >> frees up money to do extra bills or to go out to eat or extra shopping. >> they say that it's not time to start a spending spree, says that cheaper gas prices don't necessarily translate into more consumer spending. >> this will effect the economy negatively, gas prices down, there's going to be layoffs in the oil business with a triple trickle-down effect. >> ohio may see unemployment rise because with gas futures under $33, fracking operations need it least $75 a barrel to break even that could trigger a slowdown in job loss and job loss, the average savings with lower prices is about extra $4 per month but he says they sell that many people are not ready
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>> says that i learned a the learned a lesson from 2,008 and 13 this on paying back a bill not to spend in the economy. >> cast is a big choice for many people because when it is is high there are things that you have to do without so they say before you spend education nature that she really can. >> it helps out a little more, i don't have to worry of the bill comes up short if i get gas this week's. >> so what do you do with this little windfall, what say that they suggest is to say that for a rainy day because it does rain eventually. wisteria outbreak that killed one and sent 11 to the hospital being linked to a ohio plant, cdc says the bacteria was traced to a dual processing plant in
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people who got wisteria eight prepackaged salad that issued a voluntary recall said that none of the other facilities are affected if you purchase out under the pen name of dole, r. selections, simple truth, market side, the little salad or presence choice organic if it begins with the letter a. then talks about. >> no school again tomorrow because of concern over the safety of drinking water, epa opened a criminal investigation into the water treatment water treatment plants retained plant superintendent as dave nethers has the story. >> water and sebring ohio has become the hottest commodity. >> the residents continue to stream into the sebring community center tuesday as
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distributes bottled water back elevated lead levels around the candidate prompting continued caution for children and pregnant women. >> the village says slightly acidic water leaving the treatment plant is responsible for elevated lead levels in samples taken from homes with older pipes,epa demanded removal of water plant superintendent jim bates and open a criminal investigation into whether records were falsified. >> effect is going to put him on administrative leave. >> the way they took samples from thieves and probably a couple of other locations. >> are closed on monday awaiting test test results from the pa from drinking fountains on school grounds. >> that it is not building why
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then we can do is do is take off those and get the place with new pipes. >> the district is stocking up on bottled water when school resumes, epa says measures are being taken to reduce the acidic level of water from the treatment plant around the trinity is mixed emotions. >> of concern because they going on since october, that's a long time to not tell anybody. >> should we take precautions ? i think the precautions they're taking apart a bit extreme. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. >> consummating scheduled to begin and less than half an hour , we will be there and have the latest info on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. . michigan attorney general is adding special counsel and ex- fbi chief to get
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slant, and laws are violated, he says that he is creating a conflict wall between the states probe into lawsuits. >> two of our own our own are helping to send water to flint, michigan, wayne dawson kristi capel dropped off 20 cases this morning as part of the radio station . they teamed up with the blessed hope missionary church and then the donations will be delivered to flint, michigan. >> at his or her to have clean water and cannot stand by just three hours away and not do anything so it was our responsibility to get the city include together and to collect as much as we could. >> so far they have collected 53,000 bottles of bottled water
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drive continues tomorrow at. >> a clever man to the vantage of the east cost blizzard by marketing his backyard retreat online.
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some people on the east coast advantage of the snowfall to make some money, he built a giant build a giant igloo in brooklyn, and put up for rent on airbnb, in the backyard, he was hoping to do so within two $10,200 to stay there, he did a good job to sell it, described it as a slow apocalypse most desirable getaway, that airbnb took down the list and
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. >> is the new pizza rat, a person in brooklyn, the relevant taking shelter and the wheel of a car. >> some fun at the white house, as the dog spent the weekend kevorkian and the cold. >> as the soviet national zoo posted a video of a panda played in the snow, looking very comfortable, this guy in maryland thinks he can have more fun, challenging it to a snow battle. >> and this video led to, of the postings and maryland, dressed in his panda suit and imitated the panda rolling around in the
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who did a better. time lapse time-lapse from the 5-mile crib thanks to city of cleveland that operates the web
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time-lapse . just after sunset . we had a nice washoe ruby red color . it was last monday, when the temperature last week was 14 degrees and this week we had a high of 46 . this week will be a pretty quiet week at weak cold front maybe one tenth inch rainfall, you can say the area of area of low pressure in eastern iowa, very few rain showers, just a few on the radar, a little bit of snowfall on the backside and my kid to have some of that,
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. we have been in a mouth . until recently tonight may be a spotty shower, but tomorrow, 39 will be the high in the morning mostly cloudy, as we put this at the motion he temperatures going down, but not arctic, it will be cooler enough that on tuesday and thursday mornings could be perhaps a few snow showers may be some lake enhancement have been quite thursday friday, with
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>> and then a few scattered rain showers saturday and sunday with 40s, no big stores of any flavor but that could change at a moments notice that the the next week looks okay. fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . we are the only woman children a.m.. >> what happens when the curious sloth try to cross a road which
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via shows are in a world champion skier tumbles down a thousand foot mountain for almost a minute, angel collinson
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mountainside when she lost balance, and she then she then drain down the mountain and it was all caught on camera. >> she only had two jammed fingers, they sloth that brought traffic to a stop in ecuador has become internet favorite, the pictures are adorable, they have to get to the other side then grabbed to the rail and that's when an officer noticed and it was was taken to the lab. >> another rescue that played out on facebook, the maryland family was going to hotel to wait out the storm when they spotted a piglet, the wrapped in blankets and took them to the
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decided to name him after we have arranged to live out his life at the animal sanctuary is
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